How to cut expenses and time for transportation? One of the options is to use cross docking. Its peculiarity is direct delivery from a supplier, bypassing the warehouse storage phase. Thus, the time consumed by transportation is reduced, as is reduced the ultimate cost of the order.

Cross Docking is most effective when turnover is high; it is recommended for the following goods:

  • perishable goods;
  • products in high demand;
  • products with a strict shelf life;
  • products calling for prompt delivery;
  • orders that do not require to be checked at the time of acceptance.

Two kinds of cross docking are singled out:

  • one-stage. Cargo is shipped by its owner to a buyer and is released from the warehouse immediately upon arrival;
  • two-stage. Cargo received at the warehouse is rearranged: it is either subdivided into several lots or t collected into one lot.

Only after that is it shipped to the recipient.
Whether this kind of delivery will be suitable for your organization and which type of cross docking to choose you may learn from our professionals.