International transportation companies offer FTL and LTL shipments. What do these terms imply and what are the distinctions between these transportation services? Let us clear this up.

Abbreviation FTL means Full Truck Load. This type of shipment means that a transportation vehicle is fully loaded with the products from one customer. This type of shipment is recommended for large consignments, with which one truck may be fully loaded.

An individual route is then elaborated and optimal mode of transport chosen. It is possible to use both the carrier’s own transport or any rented vehicles. It is the case, for example, where special category, non-standard or dangerous (ADR) cargo transportation is required.

An advantage of FTL is its promptness as a truck is loaded only once and is unloaded at a warehouse.

Unlike FTL, LTL takes more time. That abbreviation stands for Less than Truck Load. Such pattern is recommended for small consignments.

A customer will rent only one portion of cargo space rather than an entire truck. Thus, one truck will ship goods for various consignees. Within an LTL shipment separate cargos will first be consolidated at warehouses and then placed in one truck. After arrival the truck will be unloaded and customers will be able to either collect their orders from the warehouse or use delivery services.

An optimal type of shipment is determined on a case-by-case basis. Which of the services will suit you best? You may learn that from our staff.