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Warehousing Services

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TRONKO provides warehousing services in Poland. Our customers are provided with up-to-date partner logistics warehouses, as well as a temporary storage warehouse and a customs warehouse.

Our additional advantage is the location – the district of the city of Lublin, which is a logistics hub in Poland, as well as the convenience of the service offered, immediately in the same warehouse, where you can get customs services for your cargo.

All warehouses have been certified by the European Union and have relevant permits. Optimal temperature and humidity are maintained in the premises, guaranteeing that cargos are well-preserved. The use of modern cargo handling equipment results in the operational process being trouble-free and maximally efficient.

By turning to TRONKO you will be confident in the safety of your cargo, you will gain assistance from a competent partner and the professional servicing. Our company provides an entire array of warehousing services:

  • Cargo handling operations;
  • Shelf storage;
  • Cross docking;
  • Ground storage of oversize cargos;
  • Pallet stretch filming.