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Consolidated Cargos

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Delivery of consolidated cargos provides for transportation of smaller orders from various customers inside one transportation vehicle. This enables to make cargo shipments cheaper and more convenient. Saving is realized due to effective usage of cargo space and due to all customers sharing transportation expenses. In such a way, even air transportation becomes generally affordable.

Consolidated cargo deliveries go through several stages:

  1. Cargos are gathered at a consolidation warehouse;
  2. Consolidated cargo is provided with documents, and is, where necessary packaged and marked;
  3. Cargo is customs cleared, with a set of documents issued therefor;
  4. Consolidated cargo is delivered by a chosen mode of transport: by sea, road or air;
  5. Cargo arrives to the country of destination and is customs cleared, with certain orders delivered “door-to-door”

You may make use of an inexpensive and convenient delivery of consolidated cargos which is offered by TRONKO. We deliver in all directions and offer advantageous tariffs for international transportation.

Our company cooperates with leading transportation and warehousing companies of Europe, that is why we may choose a convenient delivery pattern for each customer. Just get in touch with our employees and you will get a piece of advice in any language suitable for you.