A contemporary international trade operates beyond boundaries. Freight transportation from one point of the world to another has become an everyday occurrence. The main thing is to choose an optimal delivery method. Multimodal transportation is what works best for long-distance haulage. It implies that two or more modes of transport are used, for example, by sea or by road. First, goods arrive in a port, then are loaded into a truck and are delivered to their consignee already by road.

Multimodal transportation is recommended if:

  • direct connection by using one mode of transport is impossible (for example, for transcontinental delivery);
  • direct connection is not suitable for a customer as it is protracted in time and costly.

In this case an individual route will be calculated which should be as quick and convenient as possible. The carrier’s partnership links with marine, railway and air shipping companies will be an advantage, as this will make it possible to quickly choose a suitable transportation pattern and to expedite delivery. That is why you should entrust this type of transportation with professionals only.

For example, you may use TRONKO’s service. Our staff will determine the most convenient kind of delivery for your cargo and calculate the best route.