There is a diverse range of vehicles used for cargo transportation. Their choice depends on the characteristics of the goods and on the requirements to their storage. Most often, the following types of vehicles are used nowadays.

A curtain-sided transportation vehicle is a variation of a sided truck. It specific feature is a special tent which is pulled onto bracing and fastened with lacing. The purpose of a curtain-sided vehicle is to protect its contents against dust and precipitation, as well as keeping the cargo out of sight.

This category includes a great variety of transportation vehicles: truck, trailer, semi-trailer. They differ in carrying capacity and in loading pattern. Rearload is the most popular, but there are some overhead-load and side-load body trucks. There are also vehicles enabling to totally remove the tenting, i.e. to remove all the bracing in order to expedite cargo handling.

Curtain-sided vehicles are used to transport cargos that are not temperature-sensitive. When perishable products are shipped, it is advisable to use a refrigerator truck that has a refrigerating unit which maintains constant temperature.

The full-time operating refrigerating unit increases fuel consumption rate and, hence, the cost of shipment. However, a refrigerator truck is indispensable for shipments of temperature-sensitive cargos, such as perishable goods. It enables to deliver “door-to-door” without interim storage or unloading, and, respectively, without damage to the goods.

Care should be taken to distinguish refrigerator trucks and insulated trucks. The latter have a layer of insulating material in order to preserve constant temperature within the truck body, either sub-zero or below-zero. Such trucks are not equipped with a refrigerating unit.

You may learn from our company staff which type of vehicle will be suitable for your cargo.