One of the tasks a transportation company is tackling is ensuring cargo transportation. This is facilitated by stretch filming, i.e., wrapping cargos on a pallet with the help of a special-purpose stretch film. Due to being tightly attached, the film ensures a reliable fixation (if two or more cargos are fastened together) and protection against dust, moisture or even tampering. Such kind of protection is provided for consignments with the weight of up to 800 kg.

Film will be wrapped either manually or through the use of special-purpose equipment. The thickness of the stretch film being used is subject to cargo weight and type:

  • 15 and 17 μm – for a small consignment of goods having small or average weight;
  • 20 and 23 μm – for cargos with sharp and cutting edges;
  • 23 μm – for heavy items and construction materials.

To add reinforcement, cardboard or plastic inserts may be used to prevent film ruptures.

Before wrapping cargo is stacked on a pallet as tightly as possible so as its edges could not protrude beyond the edges of the pallet, which is an essential requirement. After that it is covered with a wooden lid fastened with the strapping line.

You may learn more and order this service in our Company. Robust packaging will enhance cargo safety and prevent it from mechanical damage.