One of the most challenging transportation services is oversize cargo haulage. Difficulties arise because customary transportation vehicles cannot be used to deliver these, since their dimensions exceed the established ones:

  • length – 20m;
  • width – 2.55m;
  • height – 4 m.

This category features special machinery, transportation vehicles and engineering structures. In transporting these you should use warning signs at daylight and reflective signs at night. If cargo weight is in excess of 80 tons, it is deemed oversize and requires to be accompanied along the entire route. Otherwise, the carrier will be charged a fine.

There is a set of requirements applicable to oversize cargo transportation:

  • It is prohibited to transport it in adverse weather conditions;
  • Transportation should not reduce visibility, inflict damage to environment or produce noise;
  • Citywide transportation is only performed at night at the speed of up to 60 km/h;
  • The speed of movement along the bridge is up to 15 km/h;
  • Cargo should be robustly fastened to prevent dangerous situations;
  • Only special-purpose vehicles should be used for transportation in order to enable the fastening of the cargo, such as slide out decks, long haul trucks, etc.

An optimal route should be chosen subject to road surface along the route. One should also have full confidence in the operability of the transportation vehicle and high qualification of the driver. Due to this reason it is recommended to entrust transportation of odd-size cargos with professionals only.