Solid, liquid or gaseous substances that may cause harm to living organisms, nature or property are considered dangerous cargo. To date, there are more than 3000 items on this list, including explosive substances, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, etc.

Their transportation requires to thoroughly calculate a route and to select a transportation vehicle in line with the substance class.

Irrespective of the category and physical properties, all cargos falling under ADR must be transported in marked transportation vehicles. There are specific transportation and substance storage rules that apply to each dangerous cargo type. The standards are set out in the GOSTS (state standards) and in the ADR international agreement.

The following documents should be issued for the transportation of dangerous cargos:

  • Driver’s permit for transportation of dangerous cargos;
  • Permit for the transportation vehicle to be used in shipments of dangerous cargos;
  • License for dangerous cargo transportation services.

Given the complexity of such transportation we recommend that you should use professional services.